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4:44 PM
Nuvigil drug interactions

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Nuvigil drug interactions

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Nuvigil drug interactions

The lovely Hello Knitty was kind enough to say how much she liked the music and was disappointed it wasn’t a ‘proper’ song that she could download. Well, who am I to disappoint my generous (and at this stage rather select) listeners? So, the full-length version has been uploaded to the podcast feed and you should be able to download it through iTunes by following the usual subscription link on the right. Enjoy!Show Links:My absolute favorite breakfast treat is jianbing or ??,which translates literally as "fried biscuit”. A better translation, in my opinion, is "Chinese omelet” or "Chinese crepe”. It’s a simple breakfast meal, but quite filling as it incorporates bread, egg and vegetables. Basically the "crepe” batter is poured on a circular, flat skillet and flipped over. Then egg, meat, vegetables and a dry "biscuit” (it’s actually more like rice cracker) is sandwiched on top, and then the edges of the crepe are folded over and cut in half. The result is a square-like layering of savory, spicy and crunchy. Here’s a video of ?? being made:href="www.mediafire.com/?tnhs8o9vbwzggb8" target="_blank"Copywrite – Three Story Building (feat. Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm)
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